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in california, AB1065 passed, unanimously.

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*WISPAPALOOZA Attendee Registration is Open – *Register for WISPAPALOOZA
'23, THE ISP event of the year, October 9 – 12, 2023, at the
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<https://members.wispa.org/ct.php?lid=210335207&mm=77345173585>. Get
the WISPA-member discount – Join here
<https://members.wispa.org/ct.php?lid=210336429&mm=77345173585>. For other
inquiries, please contact showinfo at wispa.org.

*WISPs Descend on Washington – *Earlier in May, WISPA welcomed
representatives from over 25 WISPA member companies as they spread out over
Capitol Hill for the association’s annual Day of Advocacy.  During the
day-long event, WISP operators and broadband solutions providers met with
over 50 different legislators, urging Congress to support policies that
encourage small companies like WISPs to help bring connectivity to all
Americans, regardless of location. For more info, please contact WISPA VP
of Government Affairs, Matt Mandel, at mmandel at wispa.org.

*State Activities Surge –* In California, AB 1065 passed the Assembly
unopposed, giving Fixed Wireless providers access to all funding pots
administered by CPUC, subject to approval by the agency. In Wisconsin,
WISPA and state WISPs are working with the authors of AB 303 to improve
core definitional language that would help small ISPs better access the
state’s broadband grant program. Farther south of there, the Louisiana
Broadband Office has released the first part of its BEAD Initial Proposal
and is taking public comments through June 23.  Elsewhere, Pennsylvania and
Tennessee have announced community tours and further opportunities for BEAD
engagement as they begin preparing their final materials. If you’d like
additional info, or would like to know how you can become more active for
the WISP industry at the state level, please contact WISPA State Advocacy
Manager, Steve Schwerbel at sschwerbel at wispa.org.

*BEAD Planning Season Is Finally, Truly Here –* WISPA submitted comments on
rulemaking proceedings in California and Nevada last month. Meanwhile,
several more states have open comment periods to take input on their BEAD
plans: Montana (due June 12), Vermont (due June 20), and Maine (due June
30). Please check your state’s broadband office website for these documents
and points of contact. While WISPA will be submitting comments as often as
possible, your voice significantly amplifies our efforts and provides
valuable local insights!  Reach out to Steve Schwerbel for more info.

*Best Practices Committee Marketing and Sales Webinar* – The newly formed
Best Practices Committee, Chaired by Tekwav’s Abbi Hubler, conducted its
first webinar on topics related to lead cultivation, stewardship, and
targeting.  If you’re a WISPA member, check out this link
<https://members.wispa.org/ct.php?lid=210337651&mm=77345173585> to see the
information-packed, hour-long event. For more information, please contact
Richard Bernhardt, Senior Director, Spectrum & Industry (as well as
co-Chair of the committee) at rbernhardt at wispa.org.

*New FCC Map Heralds Success of ISP Industry

Contact: Louis Peraertz, VP of Policy; lperaertz at wispa.org

*NTIA's CBRS Study Notes Growth, Use of PAL and GAA Services

Contact: Louis Peraertz

*WISPA Congratulates New FCC Nominees

Contact: Louis Peraertz

*NTIA Filing: BEAD Challenge Process Comments

Contact: Louis Peraertz

*FCC Filing: 4.9 GHz Reply Comments

Contact: Louis Peraertz

*FCC Filing: Opposition to AASHTO Petition for Reconsideration

Contact: Louis Peraertz

*California PUC Filing: CPUC Reply Comments

Contact: Steve Schwerbel, State Advocacy Manager; sschwerbel at wispa.org

*Rick Harnish and Matt Larsen Tell the Story of WISPA's Beginnings

*Digital Yeomen Needed to Connect All Americans*

*May Open-sourced News Coverage

Contact: Mike Wendy, Director of Communications; mwendy at wispa.org

*Blue Arcus*

*Dominion Networks, LLC*

*Hitron Technologies Americas*


*JSRE Holdings*


*Net All Over, Inc. *

*Skyewaves, LLC*



Contact: Jennifer Lisaius, Member Relations Specialist; jlisaius at wispa.org

*Top*, WISPA Chairman of the Board, Todd Harpest (MetaLINK Technologies),
as he begins his Day of Advocacy on Capitol Hill, May 17, 2023.

*Bottom*, Ethoplex's Tim Michalak (left corner, black shirt) testifying on
AB 303 at the Wisconsin Capitol, June 6, 2023.

Want $100? Use our *WISPA WISE Referral Program* to get $100 off your
annual dues! The new member will receive 10% off by using code *WW10**.*
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