[LibreQoS] [Bloat] [Rpm] [Starlink] On FiWi

dan dandenson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 13:54:04 EDT 2023

> You could always do it yourself.
> Most people need high skilled network engineers to provide them IT services. This need is only going to grow and grow. We can help by producing better and simpler offerings, be they DIY or by service providers.
> Steve Job's almost didn't support the iPhone development because he hated "the orifices." Probably time for many of us to revisit our belief set. Does it move the needle, even if imperfectly?
> FiWi blows the needle off the gauge by my judgment. Who does it is secondary.
> Bob

most people are unwilling to pay for those services also lol.

I don't see the paradigm of discreet routers/nat per prem anytime
soon.  If you subtract that piece of it then we're basically just
talking XGSPON or similar.

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