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Even at Friday evening Netflix time, there’s hardly more than 25/5 Mbps
Also, the real improvements that will be really felt by the people are on
the bufferbloat front (enterprise as well as residential)

If there’s just single one talk that everyone should watch from that
Understanding Latency webinar series I have shared, it’s this one, with
Gino Dion (Nokia Bell Labs), Magnus Olden (Domos - Latency Management) and
Angus Laurie-Pile (GameBench):
It’s all about the 1-25Gbps misconception, what we did to put it out there
as techies, and what can be done to show the customers to change that…40
minutes, but it’s WORTHWHILE.
Really shows that it goes beyond gamers - they were just a canary in the
coal mine pre-covid.

Now, I hope to really piss You off with the following statement  :-P but:

even sub 5/1 Mbps “broadband” in Africa with bufferbloat fixed on as many
hops along the internet journey from a data center to the customers mobile
device (or with just LibreQoS middle box in the ISP’s network) is feeling
way better than 25Gbps XG-PON. The only time the XG-PON guy could really
feel like a king of the world would be during his speedtest.

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On 21 March 2023 at 1:10:21 AM, Brandon Butterworth (brandon at rd.bbc.co.uk)

> On Mon Mar 20, 2023 at 03:28:57PM -0600, dan via Starlink wrote:
> I more or less agree with you Frantisek. There are throughput numbers
> that are need for current gen and next gen services, but those are often
> met with 50-100Mbps plans today that are enough to handle multiple 4K
> streams plus browsing and so forth
> It is for now, question is how busy will it get and will that be before
> the next upgrade round.
> This is why there's a push to sell gigabit in the UK.
> It gives newcomer altnets something the consumers can understand - big
> number - to market against the incumbents sweatng old assets
> with incremental upgrades that will become a problem. From my personal
> point of view (doing active ethernet) it seems pointless making
> equipment more expensive to enable lower speeds to be sold.
> yet no one talks about latency and packet loss and other useful metrics
> Gamers get it and rate ISPs on it, nobody else cares. Part of the
> reason for throwing bandwith at the home is to ensure the hard to
> replace distribution and house drop is never the problem. Backhaul
> becomes the limit and they can upgrade that more easily when market
> pressure with speedtests show there is a problem.
> We need a marketing/lobby group. Not wispa or other individual industry
> groups, but one specifically for *ISPs that will contribute as well as
> implement policies and put that out on social media etc etc. i don't know
> how we get there without a big player (ie Netflix, hulu..) contributing.
> Peak time congestion through average stream speed reduction is faily
> obvious
> in playback stats. Any large platform has lots of data on which ISPs
> are performing well.
> We can share stats with the ISPs and tell A that they are performing
> worse than B,C,D if there is a problem. I did want to publish it so
> the public could choose the best but legal were not comfortable
> with that.
> brandon
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