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My tips:

Rural networks are economically tentative at the best of times, they
are low density and the majority of the demographic that they serve
don't have disposable income for tech entertainment. Government
funding likes to be directed to announceables, and nobody announces a
maintenance plan. Budget accordingly.

Driving time for maintenance personnel is going to become the majority
of your operating budget. Build networks to be bulletproof and have no
need for maintenance, and consider that the added expense of a ring
topology or diverse path might still cost less than a single
unscheduled callout by a contractor. For a rural network, redundant
systems buy time to attend to outages on more relaxed timelines.

Fixed wireless
- is all about waterproofing, be it customer rooftops, cabling joints
or especially equipment shelters.
- rigging teams are at the mercy of safety standards, weather and
personal leave, so you can't expect more than 100 days/year of
productive work
- a certain type of person wants to climb towers all day, and they may
not be productive if you try and force them into a soft office
environment on the other days of the year

Fibre Networks
- use a conduit that is a size larger than you need. If you have any
kind of success you're going to need a second cable in that conduit at
some point, even if it's just to do a graceful upgrade
- always use a fibre cleaning kit
- with single-fibre optics (ie: BX), put the transceiver that sends at
a lower frequency at the far end. This gives you a chance to spot the
difference between a fibre fault and a power fault


On Thu, 30 Mar 2023 at 02:19, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am doing an AMA friday, in part about the $70B dollar USA NTIA
> broadband and BEAD programs, which are largely targetted at improving
> rural access to the internet. The target audience is one with which I
> am mostly unfamiliar, the directors of the 50 US states administering
> these programs.
> I am very interested about what y'all have learned about how to roll
> out fiber and fixed wireless right, in your country, so far, and what
> could be done better, in mine.
> Please let me know what you think here, (links to studies would be
> great, too)
> and/or come heckle!
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