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So you've heard of Rust and you have heard, while walking around the
grape vine, about Rust for Linux. You are a hardcore linux kernel
hacker and you love your C. You scratch your head as you wonder why in
the world would anyone need another language! But at the same time you
cant stand all those annoying pesty syzkaller bug reports or CVEs on
your code - they take away all the fun.

Rust has a key property that makes it very interesting as the second
language in the kernel: it guarantees no undefined behavior takes
place (as long as unsafe code is sound). This includes no
use-after-free mistakes, no double frees, no data races, etc. It also
provides other important benefits, such as improved error handling,
stricter typing, sum types, pattern matching, privacy, closures,
generics, etc.

In this tutorial two of the gurus in Rust for Linux, Wedson Almeida
Filho and Miguel Ojeda will guide us through a practical example which
will use an example of kernel networking code. The sample code is
first written in C and then migrated to Rust.
Wedson and Miguel will then do a step-by-step walk of the Rust
incarnation of the code, explaining how the language works at a
high-level and well as giving practical tips to get started with Rust
for networking in the kernel.

Our esteemed guides will show us how Rust prevents some of the
mistakes that could happen in the C version, some of which could
become vulnerabilities exploited by bad operators or that pesky

There is no prerequisite Rust knowledge needed for this tutorial.

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