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David Lang david at lang.hm
Thu Sep 28 18:25:42 EDT 2023

On Thu, 28 Sep 2023, dan via Bloat wrote:

> Common Carriers or rather, carrier class services for 'internet', should be
> completely neutral.  Packets are packets.  However, I think it's important
> to carve out methods to have dedicated links for real time flows at the
> carrier level.  I don't know what that model looks like exactly, but being
> too stubborn about purist NN principals could really hurt VoIP services if
> there aren't methods to handle that.  I guess I really am describing
> 'internet fast lanes' for certain classes of services that we deem
> important enough as a whole.  not individual ISPs deciding, but rather 'the
> will of the people' saying VoIP is more important than netflix, you can
> carve out dedicated capacity for that.

the fq_codel/cake approach violates the strictest interpretation of 'packets are 
packets' but diffentiates between well behaved and short flows and ill-behaved 
bulk flows. That is content and destination neutral, but prioritizing for a fair 
experience to all.

In theory, 'fast lanes' and QoS priorizations can make VoIP and similar work, in 
practice there are too many different apps behaving in too many different ways 
for anyone to fix the problem with static rules and prioritization.

make sure that you don't through out cake-like content neutral improvements in 
your quest for 'a packet is a packet' (and remember, some of the people 
interpreting/implementing your rules will have it in their interest to make it 
as painful for users as possible to be able to blame you for the problem, so 
you can't count on 'reasonable interpretation' of the rules)

David Lang
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