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Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 17:56:23 EDT 2015

Hardware people tend to think in terms of simple priority queues, much like
old fashioned military communications (see the original IP precedence
spec). Higher priority thus gets higher throughput as well as lower latency.

I note also that in 802.11e, leftover space in a TXOP can't be (or at least
generally isn't) used opportunistically for traffic from another class,
because the four queues are so rigidly separated.

I think the hardware people are shortsighted in this respect. It's so easy
to game simple priority queues when there's no filter on the field
controlling it. That's why cake's Diffserv layer works the way it does. And
if I ever get the chance to do a Wi-Fi specific version, I'll avoid both of
the above problems.

- Jonathan Morton
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