[Make-wifi-fast] outreach: cluecon conference call on the FCC stuff wednesday nov 18th, 1PM ET

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 13:49:38 EST 2015

For details on how to get into this call, see:


We've had (NOT ironically) HUGE problems with wifi users trying to use
advanced voip like this, please use wired connections if you intend to
speak up.

For this call I wanted to bring in/update a group that makes one of
the most popular open source voice/video bridge software in the world
- that has cared about bufferbloat and latency in the past. The invite
came from ken rice of freeswitch as an outgrowth of the first concall
we did with vuc[1].

* WTF are the wifi issues with the FCC?
** FCC lockdown of new routers
** make-wifi-fast - why voip sucks so bad currently on voip
** Our responses to the FCC regulations
*** 1700 letters
*** proposals from various places
*** ex parte convos
** FCC response last week
*** what of our thinking we want to reveal

Other agenda items/speakers, welcomed.

* If I get time, I'll talk about the cake algorithm vs net neutrality,
and other QoS/AQM/FQ topics

This particular concall tends towards being very technical and also
tends (at least it used to be) to be very chaotic. Also - democratic.
Feel free to join in with whatever tech you want to join in on!


A lot of technical/political groups do meet regularly via concalls[2],
but this, and the vuc stuff, is generally all I do personally. If
there is a another group's videoconference I should join for a preso
on these issues, let me know. (I am incapable of joining most regular
voice-only conferences - too deaf).

If there is a videoconference or talk or conference any of y'all are
planning to do, perhaps we could set up a joint  calendar? and
leverage that for the eventual savewifi.org website?

[1] http://www.voipusersconference.org/2015/vuc563-the-fcc-vs-open-firmware/

[2] anyone know anyone at jitsi and/or asterisk and/or webrtc?

Dave Täht
Let's go make home routers and wifi faster! With better software!

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