[Make-wifi-fast] iperf enhancements in 2.0.8

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Wed Oct 21 07:37:39 EDT 2015

"Bob (Robert) McMahon" <rmcmahon at broadcom.com> writes:

> One can get the millisecond timestamps in the CSV two ways
> 	1) use the -e option (for enhanced reporting)

> 	2) use a value of less than 0.5 seconds for -i which enables
> 	enhanced reports without requiring -e (previous iperf verisons
> 	don't support faster than 0.5 sec so it's assumed a user setting
> 	it faster will also want enhanced reports)

Awesome, thanks! I'll add support for this to Flent. Is there a way to
detect whether or not iperf supports this extended timestamp format,
other than looking at the actual output? E.g. a command line switch that
will fail if the support is not there, something or grep for in a help
output or the like?


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