[Make-wifi-fast] some fun with twittering musk, branson

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 07:56:55 EDT 2015

I figure it is too early in the morning PDT to get elon musk's
attention. But I enjoyed tweaking @richardbranson just now with the
press release....


(some of the history here, which I should revise:


If someone can make my above sound a bit better - I was rather POed that day....


The tweet at musk was in response to him soliciting new input for
features to the next version of tesla's software.

Please go forth, rephrase, re-link to a press piece you liked,
perhaps, and amplify! (wait on musk til morning PDT)

(I am a total musk fanboy, though I long to have an hour's debate with
him over going to the asteroids first, then mars)

Dave Täht
I just lost five years of my life to making wifi better. And, now...
the FCC wants to make my work, illegal for people to install.

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