[Make-wifi-fast] cerowrt.org vs make-wifi-fast

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sat Sep 5 06:42:43 EDT 2015

ages ago I'd bought cerowrt.org thinking that I'd find some way to
financially continue the project.

I do not know how to brand the technical effort "make-wifi-fast". And
cerowrt to me was always more about a process (striving for zero bugs!),
than a firmware. That said, the "brand"[1] of cerowrt remains well known,
and perhaps doing make-wifi-fast as cerowrt makes more sense as to overall

But still -  at the moment I am thinking about letting the domain expire.

got any ideas on how to brand the research and technical direction I (we?)
am/are on, and why. I tried to touch upon it in this short, 17 minute talk
at battlemesh:


And I'd like to see this happen somehow - without uber or twitter as much
in the way:


In other news:

I am glad to see the more political save-the-wifi coming online rapidly:


I HAD NO IDEA that the follow-on rules for 2016 would basically ban
modifiable firmware entirely, nor that the DFS problem was due to only 41
old radars that need to be replaced anyway.

Comment deadline for the fcc is sept 8th, not oct 8, which means we should
strap ourselves into the writing console, like, today.

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