[Make-wifi-fast] prepping for Scale 2016, what should I instrument?

David Lang david at lang.hm
Thu Sep 10 19:23:21 EDT 2015

The 2016 scale conference is happening Jan 21-24 and I expect to have close to 
3000 people there and over 100 APs deployed to cover the area (it's a large 
convention center, >100k sq ft)

I'm in the process of creating and testing the build that I will be using for 
the show. I'm going to continue using the wndr3800 APs.

What can I do to instrument things this year? last year I gathered per client 
stats every 10sec and per AP stats every min.

I'm building my own image, so I can apply kernel patches to gather added data if 
it's useful.

David Lang

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