[Make-wifi-fast] Good, currently available routers for make-wifi-fast?

Jon Pike jonpike54 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 16:11:17 EDT 2016

Hello list...

I'm in the market for a new router,  been following the bufferbloat and
wifi efforts,  and would like to pick something that could play with the

I've been searching around for info on this,  and I've noticed that what's
out there is,  er,  thinly scattered.  It might be a helpful thing for a
compatible list of products to be made available,  so folks like me could
more easily become early benefactors,  not to mention testers and

In the meantime,  what are some good choices?  I have a 95% N home network
now,  so I wouldn't mind an older router,  but AC of course would be a more
future proof choice.  Assuming you can work with any of them yet...
Also, have a 60 down 6 up cable connection,  so that's not such a big
stretch for the router.

Also,  basic things like good range are important..  (and about all I've
been able to research test results of, at places like Small Net Builder)
the TP-LINK   C7 1750 rates highly, for instance...  but I haven't been
able to nail it down as a good make-wifi-fast choice. (or even an Openwrt
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