[Make-wifi-fast] [PATCH] mac80211: Keep CoDel stats per txq, export them in debugfs.

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Thu Aug 11 08:34:44 EDT 2016

Johannes Berg <johannes at sipsolutions.net> writes:

>> @@ -137,18 +137,20 @@ static int aqm_open(struct inode *inode, struct
>> file *file)
>>  	len += scnprintf(info->buf + len,
>>  			 info->size - len,
>>  			 "* vif\n"
>> -			 "ifname addr ac backlog-bytes backlog-
>> packets flows overlimit collisions tx-bytes tx-packets\n");
>> +			 "ifname addr ac backlog-bytes backlog-
>> packets flows drops marks overlimit collisions tx-bytes tx-
>> packets\n");
> It seems to me that you have to change the buffer length to take this
> into account?

Haven't run into issues with running out of buffer space in my testing.
But yeah, guess that could become an issue.

>>  	list_for_each_entry_rcu(sdata, &local->interfaces, list) {
>>  		txqi = to_txq_info(sdata->vif.txq);
>>  		len += scnprintf(info->buf + len, info->size - len,
>> -				 "%s %pM %u %u %u %u %u %u %u %u\n",
>> +				 "%s %pM %u %u %u %u %u %u %u %u %u
>> %u\n",
>>  				 sdata->name,
> Why is it this way anyway? It'd seem nicer to move the content of this
> into the per-netdev subdirectories, and then it becomes a lot simpler
> code too (yes, at the expense of some userspace, but still)

Yeah, makes sense. Can do a larger reorg moving things into the
per-netdev and per-station directories instead.

>>  				 txqi->txq.ac,
>>  				 txqi->tin.backlog_bytes,
>>  				 txqi->tin.backlog_packets,
>>  				 txqi->tin.flows,
>> +				 txqi->cstats.drop_count,
>> +				 txqi->cstats.ecn_mark,
>>  				 txqi->tin.overlimit,
>>  				 txqi->tin.collisions,
>>  				 txqi->tin.tx_bytes,
> Do you really want to add these in the middle? Seems that if you add
> them at the end, you at least have *some* way of keeping this working
> with older versions?

Well I though they should be logically grouped with overlimits, and was
counting on no one actually parsing these yet. Guess if the information
is moved that becomes moot.

Will re-send; thanks for the feedback :)


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