[Make-wifi-fast] Airtime fairness patch merged upstream, and the Turris Omnia debloated

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Thu Dec 22 17:03:59 EST 2016

On 22/12/16 19:06, Jaap Buurman wrote:
> This is awesome news! This means that it will be included in the first
> stable release that they have planned in the near future :)

I think Toke, Dave & myself regularly gently nudged Felix.  I know that 
I nudged for exactly the reason of 'it should go in the first release' 
simply to get it out there.

It's a similar story as to why I recently bumped the kmod-sched-cake 
package (twice)

It needs to be available for people to use...the next challenge is 
getting people to use it....at least ath9k airtime fairness will be the 

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