[Make-wifi-fast] [v3] ath9k: Switch to using mac80211 intermediate software queues.

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Fri Jul 8 12:38:27 EDT 2016

Felix Fietkau <nbd at nbd.name> writes:

> On 2016-07-08 18:28, Toke Høiland-Jørgensen wrote:
>> Felix Fietkau <nbd at nbd.name> writes:
>>> On 2016-07-08 17:53, Toke Høiland-Jørgensen wrote:
>>>> Kalle Valo <kvalo at qca.qualcomm.com> writes:
>>>>> Toke Høiland-Jørgensen wrote:
>>>>>> This switches ath9k over to using the mac80211 intermediate software
>>>>>> queueing mechanism for data packets. It removes the queueing inside the
>>>>>> driver, except for the retry queue, and instead pulls from mac80211 when
>>>>>> a packet is needed. The retry queue is used to store a packet that was
>>>>>> pulled but can't be sent immediately.
>>>>>> The old code path in ath_tx_start that would queue packets has been
>>>>>> removed completely, as has the qlen limit tunables (since there's no
>>>>>> longer a queue in the driver to limit).
>>>>>> Based on Tim's original patch set, but reworked quite thoroughly.
>>>>>> Cc: Tim Shepard <shep at alum.mit.edu>
>>>>>> Cc: Felix Fietkau <nbd at nbd.name>
>>>>>> Signed-off-by: Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <toke at toke.dk>
>>>>> Nice work.
>>>> Thanks :)
>>>>> Because this is such a significant change, and to maximise testing
>>>>> time, I'm planning to queue this for 4.9 (so I would apply this to
>>>>> ath-next in 3-4 weeks after the merge window closes). But anyone who
>>>>> wants to test this can use master-pending branch from my ath.git tree
>>>>> (uses wireless-testing as the baseline). Sounds good?
>>>> Sounds good to me. I'm planning on backporting this and Michael's
>>>> mac80211 FQ-CoDel patches to 4.4 and post them for inclusion in LEDE.
>>>> Hopefully that will get it some more testing as well.
>>> I've pushed a backport of this into my LEDE staging tree:
>>> https://git.lede-project.org/?p=lede/nbd/staging.git;a=summary
>> Awesome! What about the FQ-CoDel mac80211 patches themselves? I have a
>> tree where I've separated out the needed patches and rebased them on
>> mainline 4.4.9. Can I post that somewhere (or just email you the series)
>> and get you to include those as well? Or do I just dump the patch files
>> into the LEDE patches dir and send that as a patch to LEDE? (I see your
>> patch also refreshed subsequent patches; is there a script to do that
>> automatically?)
> You don't need to do anything here. LEDE does not use mac80211 and
> drivers from the kernel tree, it's built using backports.
> It's currently using a backports snapshot that I built myself from
> wireless-testing 2016-06-20, which already includes FQ-Codel.

Ah, didn't know that. Cool; and thanks for taking care of the
backporting :)


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