[Make-wifi-fast] [RFC/RFT 2/5] ath9k: use mac80211 intermediate software queues

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 13:26:49 EDT 2016

For the record, michal's lastest patchset for the ath10k is here:


which includes the reworked codel.h support (which also landed in
net-next as of april 22) (no, haven't tried it yet, I'm only a day
back from vacation)

... but it would pay to leverage rate control more, for the ath9k, and
I'd like folk to agree on a standardized set of statistics in a std
location that can be polled for all implementations (ath9k, ath10k,

I am also reviewing this:


as we have a chance to innovate and use less locking with all this
stuff happening at the mac80211 layer.

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