[Make-wifi-fast] Compatible routers for the project

Jon Pike jonpike54 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 9 16:30:37 EDT 2016

Hello all...

Hate to pose such a "user" level question,  but I was wondering which
current or recent wifi routers might be good choices to be able to
implement the progress of the project?

I'm upgrading from a WNR3500L (sp),  have nearly all n class devices,
would like to get a ways up the ac speed ladder for future proofing,  but
know of the recent FW blobs and FCC issues with the newest crop.  Figure
I'd like whatever I get to be compatible.

If there's a list or something,  somewhere,  apologies for not seeing it,
I've tried.  Anyway,  would love to try out stuff as it comes out. I have
that compulsive gene, maybe I'll end up doing a lot of field testing for
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