[Make-wifi-fast] [ath9k-devel] Diagram of the ath9k TX path

Adrian Chadd adrian at freebsd.org
Mon May 9 23:30:56 EDT 2016



* the hardware can give us a per-AC transmit opportunity;
* software queuing needs to handle the per-STA transmit opportunity;
* they (and I followed convention after testing) found the "best"
compromise was to hardware queue up to two frames, which we could
probably do slightly more of at higher MCS rates for "reasons", but if
we're getting enough packets come in then if the hardware queues get
drained slower than we can fill them, we naturally aggregate traffic.

So it actually works pretty well in practice. The general aim is to
keep up to ~8ms of aggregates queued, and that's typically two
aggregate frames so we don't bust the block-ack window.


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