[Make-wifi-fast] Fwd: Re: [iccrg] TCP behavior across WiFi pointers ?

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Fri Dec 1 07:48:19 EST 2017

Simon Barber <simon at superduper.net> writes:

> Certain things, yes, others - not so much. No congestion control for
> example. It’s very much the common case that the wireless client is
> the TCP endpoint, and it’s rare to see drops, but they do happen.
> FastACK keeps the TCP ACK rate controlled by the wireless bandwidth,
> unlike a proxy. This is the key innovation here.

Right, actually went and read the paper now. Seems clear enough; a few
questions, though:

- From figure 12 it looks like you are also implicitly doing ACK
  compression? I.e., if you get two packets with seq n and n+1 you will
  only send an ACK back to the sender for n+1?

- Did you measure the latency impact of FastACK? You mention you will do
  that once it's deployed, but does that mean you didn't measure this at
  all in the testbed?


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