[Make-wifi-fast] How to efficient test ath10k driver changed on LEDE platform?

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Thu Dec 14 09:28:18 EST 2017

Louie Lu <me at louie.lu> writes:

>>> Also, sometimes apply patch into LEDE may cause error when compiling
>>> ath10k driver,
>>> is there any way to specify which version of ath10k that LEDE to
>>> build?
>> LEDE backports the entire WiFi stack. So it's way newer than the rest of
>> the kernel; think you can see the date it was backported in the version
>> number in the Makefile.
> So it is not easy to replace ath10k in LEDE to a spicific version,
> right?

Not really, no. You can include specific patches, of course. But LEDE
(or I guess we should go back to saying OpenWrt now) also applies a
bunch of other patches, so there's not a single 1-to-1 correspondence to
an upstream "version" (whatever that means).


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