[Make-wifi-fast] Best sqm config for a 2.4G wifi WAN uplink

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 00:50:39 EST 2017

> On 19 Feb, 2017, at 05:45, Marty <marty at heavyreckoning.com> wrote:
> Let me know if this is not a good place to ask about this, and I'm
> asking blind without having searched the archives because I couldn't
> find a way to search them.
> Anyway, what are some recommendations for configuration of sqm on
> OpenWRT with a wifi WAN connection?
> The Link Layer Adaptation setting particular spurred my curiosity.

There are two important things to consider here:

1: Wifi is not a conventional wired link with a fixed bitrate and externally-predictable overhead.  Far from it.  The linklayer adaptation system therefore does not apply to it.

Instead, you need to apply AQM directly to the interface in a wifi-aware manner, as the latest “make wifi fast” patches do.  These do not require configuration - if they’re in, they just work.

2: Your WISP might have a provisioning shaper or policer on your traffic, separate from the wifi link itself, to stop you from hogging the bandwidth shared by other customers.  If so, you should configure SQM to match it.

Most such shapers do not take linklayer overheads into account, so unless you have evidence to the contrary, leave the adaptation switched off here too.

 - Jonathan Morton

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