[Make-wifi-fast] Major Bufferbloat

marty marty at heavyreckoning.com
Mon Mar 27 10:54:02 EDT 2017

On 03/27/2017 10:25 AM, marty wrote:

> For ventilation, if required (lm-sensors package is your friend for 
> determining this; or just climb up and check how it feels on hot 
> days), use normal downward facing vent type slits along the top edge 
> of vertical face (to keep rain out) and put window screen behind slits 
> to prevent insect nesting.

If you end up needing vents at the top, the just drill a bunch more weep 
holes in the bottom to allow air to rise through the interior and out 
the vents.

Also, you don't necessarily need vents, especially not for simple short 
term testing of an enclosure or mount location. But once you find the 
sweet spot, you definitely want weep holes for condensation and if hit 
by the sun and/or working hard at all that router is going to want a bit 
of airflow.  For short testing of your setup no reason to go crazy on it.

No holes on the top surface. I'm imagining the box mounted vertically 
for airflow and moisture weeping reasons, and most routers are designed 
to stand up on edge these days.

I don't know if antenna polarity becomes an issue or not with internal 
antenna designs mounted 90 off vertically as I haven't worked that way 
with internal antenna routers.


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