[Make-wifi-fast] Flent test hardware

Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 11:24:12 EST 2017

If budget is a primary concern, there are a number of boards available with
the AM1 socket which is designed around low-power, low-cost APUs, or even
with an APU soldered to them.  AMD are phasing that platform out right now,
but it's still available since there isn't a direct replacement at the same
price yet.

What you'll get here are the small "cat series" cores designed for netbooks
and game consoles, but a quad-core version remains pretty cheap.  My E-450
is an older, dual-core version of this and is capable enough, like a
slightly gimped C2D.

However, I haven't yet found one with anything other than a bog standard
Realtek NIC.  They do have PCIe slots, so you can add a discrete card.

- Jonathan Morton
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