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Jonathan Morton chromatix99 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 15:15:03 EST 2017

Regarding single-core performance, the Sempron 3850 may be better in that
respect than my E-450, which itself is perfectly capable of handling GigE
at line rate (unlike an Atom).  It has an improved core design which may
compensate for the lower clock speed.

There are three members of AMD's "cat" family: Bobcat, Jaguar, Puma.  My
E-450 has Bobcat, which is the oldest and maxes out at 1.65 GHz (there is
no turbo clock).  Various consoles got Jaguar cores, as did the Kabini APU
which forms your Sempron.  The Puma core is the newest, and appears in
"Carrizo-L" APUs in last year's netbooks.  The design improvements between
Bobcat and Jaguar are much larger than between Jaguar and Puma; consult
Agner Fog's optimisation manuals if you want to know the gory details.

The AM1 Kabini family also includes the Athlon 5150 and 5350, which are
exactly the same as the 3850 except for clock speeds.  If the 3850 isn't
fast enough, you can get an easy 50% boost from upgrading to the 5350.

- Jonathan Morton
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