[Make-wifi-fast] emulating wifi better - coupling qdiscs in netem?

Pete Heist pete at heistp.net
Mon Jun 18 17:54:36 EDT 2018

> On Jun 18, 2018, at 9:44 PM, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:
> This is still without batch releases, yes?

Yes, I should've tried that earlier, but I’m scratching my head now as to how it works. Perhaps it’s because the old example I’m using for the non-GSO case uses deprecated functions and I ought to just ditch it, but I thought if in my callback I just switched:

return nfq_set_verdict(qh, id, NF_ACCEPT, 0, NULL);


return nfq_set_verdict_batch(qh, id + 8, NF_ACCEPT);

that my callback might not be called for the subsequent 8 packets I’ve accepted, however it continues to be called for each id sequentially anyway and throughput is no better. If I change 8 to something unreasonable, like 1000000, throughput is cut in half, so it’s doing “something”.

There are functions in the newer GSO example like nfq_nlmsg_verdict_put, but I don’t see a batch version of that. So, I’m likely missing something…

BTW I don’t see a change setting SO_BUSY_POLL on nfq’s fd (tried 1000 - 1000000 usec).

> In any case, the now achieved rates and latencies seem sufficient to
> try and adapt these methods to emulating wifi/lte etc better! We only
> need to get to a gbit.

Indeed, it’s there. :)

> Obviously doing more expensive userspace
> processing is going to hurt, and, well, for the sake of argument
> emulating a 32 station wifi 802.11n network would be proof of the
> pudding, but I'd settle for even the simplest case of one ap and two
> stations
> actually rendering sane-looking behavior.
> Originally, when thinking about this, I'd thought we'd use one veth
> per station and toss packets to userspace based on one nfqueue per
> input/output interface. I still lean that way (do we get multicast mac
> addrs on packets this way?), but perhaps a single interface could be
> used and we could
> sort out the src/dst ips and batching in userspace, starting with
> fifos to represent current behavior and gradually working our way back
> up to the fq_codel on wifi emulation. Or, with one veth per station,
> still use a fq_codel qdisc, but I don't see how we can create
> backpressure for that actually to engage.
> Better to be reordering the verdict on packets in the batch for an
> fq_codel emulation. I think.

Is it worth measuring the aggregate throughput of 32 iperf3 client veth devices to one server device?

Worth trying to get the newer code into Go? I may have to start over without the wrapper and just write something simpler with newer code.

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