[Make-wifi-fast] sometimes I get really tired of the wifi mac

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Umm... given that the WiFi MAC is pretty poor with 1500 byte packets in today's 5 GHz operation, how badly will it work in WiGig?
I'd also note that all that bandwidth is great for serial high speed links, but feeding it and handling it when you are transporting typical TCP/IP packets requires aggregating a lot of flows, and thus a pretty hefty amount of fan-out/fan-in multiplexing.
Again, people obsess about throughput, but aren't considering latency.
We'll probably see stuff produced that has the "feature" of huge buffers, with bufferbloat causing much of the capacity to be wasted.
Or, instead of demand-driven packet switching, just dividing up the capacity into fixed rate "channels" at low rates, like telephone calls.
You let the hardware guys focus on the pipes, and the protocols go to shit.
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