[Make-wifi-fast] I wonder if UWB is legal in space...

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Lasers would probably be cheaper than RF.
I'm not sure how LEO regs could be set up or enforced. There's no geographic division in LEO itself. 

Transmission at the earth intentionally might be regulated at national level by the target. That's been traditionally accomplished by regulating earth endpoints as the jurisdiction.

ITU doesn't have a Space member that represents space, and it has no enforcement arm.

Now the US Space Force could nominate itself as the enforcement arm of the UN. That won't fly, but Trump could rattle swords. 

We have a complex Law of the Sea after hundreds of years. But still, it's unclear who has jurisdiction over things like radio on the high seas.

Situation isn't at all as mature in space. We have some treaties....

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I thought that would get a rise out of you. :) I do hope spacex hires
an engineer that "gets" that the rest of the solar system is a
greenfield environment.

Is it really just LEO? I had figured the regs extended to geosync, and
any innovation would have to happen beyond the lagrange points.

My understanding of the starlink effort is that it's mostly LEO, and
I'd hoped for insanely fast sat to sat coms somehow. lasers
On Tue, Oct 16, 2018 at 8:06 AM David P. Reed  wrote:
> There is no system of rules in space beyond LEO.
> Space is currently not a jurisdiction of law of its own. Nor is there a regulatory authority.
> And a good thing, too. The ETs would be prosecuting all transmitters on Earth for violating their regulations...
> Unlike Earth where Marconi's 1901 Syntonic Multiplexing patent got turned into laws that makes UWB multiplexing illegal everywhere, the ETs are probably not all so ignorant as the US Supreme Court. The US Supreme Court decided in several cases that because Coase said there are a finite number of frequencies, which means there should be exclusive ownership of frequencies.
> All an ignorant derivative of a (brilliant) hack solution by Marconi for Morse Code Wireless in 1901.
> There are no frequencies in Maxwell's Equations. Period. That was known in 1865.
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