[Make-wifi-fast] Some ath9k internal structure question

Louie Lu me at louie.lu
Tue Sep 18 05:19:45 EDT 2018

Hi all,

For what know, `struct ath_atx_tid` is the queue for per station per
tid queue, and `struct ath_txq` is to describe the hardware queue, is
that correct?

Since I'm looking down the wake_tx_queue function, inside the

    acq = &sc->cur_chan->acq[txq->mac80211_qnum];
    tid_list = &acq->acq_new or &acq->acq_old;
    tid = list_first_entry(tid_list, struct ath_atx_tid, list);

at the third line, it will get the first tid entry inside the tid list
with txq's AC number (the RR parts), after all, the `txq` is decoupled
from the tid, the packet for the tid is inside tid->txq, not the
parameter txq one, and the parameter txq only provide `qnum` and
`complete_q` for after using.

Is that correct, or did I miss some parts?


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