[Make-wifi-fast] codel params in net-next

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 18:47:12 EDT 2019

I remember that this bit in sta_info.c was hacky. But in testing today
I'd seen drops
where I'd expected ecn, and didn't know it turned it off!

I was also thinking this triggered a bit too often with multiple
stations, and perhaps sta->local->num_sta should be an ewma of the
most recently transmitted stations or some other value. Am I
misunderstanding what num_sta is?

static void sta_update_codel_params(struct sta_info *sta, u32 thr)
        if (!sta->sdata->local->ops->wake_tx_queue)

        if (thr && thr < STA_SLOW_THRESHOLD * sta->local->num_sta) {


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