[Make-wifi-fast] bloated ath10k

Adrian Popescu adriannnpopescu at gmail.com
Sun Feb 10 07:24:40 EST 2019


Wifi still seems to be bloated in openwrt. Some Windows clients and Android
clients are still bloated.

Machines connected via wires seem to experience bufferbloat which is orders
of magnitude lower than wifi. ath9k seems to have good performance and low
latency from what I can see. ath10k seems to be pretty bad.

My attempts to use SQM and codel to reduce wifi bloat didn't seem to get me
very far. 802.11ac seems more reliable and it seems to be more bloated.
ath9k can go as low as 3-5 milliseconds. ath10k is usually in the 20-50
milliseconds range (or more, based on the number of stations). I usually
test with a single client as I don't expect latency to improve with more

What can we do to improve the latency of wifi networks? What's the status
of the air fairness patches? Can we do something to reduce the amount of
buffering for ath10k?

Could we do something on the AP side to reduce or mitigate bloat
experienced by the stations?
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