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Bob McMahon bob.mcmahon at broadcom.com
Wed Jul 17 17:32:14 EDT 2019

Just an FYI in case anybody has interest in traffic tooling.


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From: Bob McMahon <bob.mcmahon at broadcom.com>
Date: Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 1:39 PM
Subject: iperf 2 "short term" road map
To: iPerf User Group <iperf-users at lists.sourceforge.net>
Cc: Panos Vouzis <panos at netbeez.net>

Hi All,

I've been doing a lot of work on iperf 2 to handle new testing features
with a focus on TCP latency testing.  Please do let me know your thoughts
or suggest comments per the list below.  No promises on time frame as this
is not my primary day job ;)

The new features currently in development to include:

o) Reverse testing (invert the client/server roles after the connect) -
requested by many for testing through NAT gateways
o) Latency tail analysis support (latency mostly needs to evaluated from a
tail's perspective, provide those metrics w/o losing full distribution or,
at least, tail information)
o) Support GPS (atomic clock) timestamps with all histogram metrics
supporting post analysis of problem areas per distributed tooling (this
assumes all tooling are synce'd to the GPS atomic clocks.)
o) TCP bidir testing support (bidirectional or full duplex traffic on the
same socket)
o) TCP write-acks - the server will ack it's reads back (w/timestamp and
byte no.) to the client per every client write(), useful for TCP streaming
class of tests and doesn't require syncs to GPS clocks
o) TCP trip times, the write() to read() latency of every clients' writes -
requires GPS clock sync - this is a one way metric
o) TCP connect only tests (run many parallel TCP connects and measure the
connect times of each) - an issue for many mobile users is that TCP connect
times are impacting user experience
o) -P support for more than 127 and now is only limited by the kernel/os
(this already fixed)
o) CPU bound warning on exit - present a warning message when an iperf test
seemed to be CPU bound vs network i/o bound
o) Mutex warn message on exit: present a warning on exit when the test
spent time on mutex locks where that may be degrading network performance
o) Teporter thread consumption rate detector to add thread delay/suspends
only when needed (currently, the code always add reporter thread delay.)
This delay can and should reduce the cores cache invalidates per cache
coherency and the use of shared memory (and its pointers) not under os
mutex protection
o) Much better debugging support per ./configure --enable-thread-debug
o) Code clean up including using function pointers to replace per pacet,
inline runtime tests (prepping to complete the C++ implementation vs
today's hybrid of C and C++)
o) Support for raw sockets to test "L2 level" performance
o) Better code encapsulation (which includes freeing of memory)

Note:  Here's an example debug that's now supported for those who want to
delve into iperf internals.

[root at localhost iperf2-code]# src/iperf -c -i 1 -t 4
THREAD(18576):[16:28:11.702942] Thread settings copy (malloc)
THREAD(18576):[16:28:11.703128] Thread_run_wrapper(0x67ac20 mode=2) thread
counts tot/trfc=1/1
THREAD(18576):[16:28:11.703293] Thread_run_wrapper(0x67b640 mode=4) thread
counts tot/trfc=2/1
THREAD(18577):[16:28:11.703305] Client thread started in constructor
THREAD(18578):[16:28:11.704364] Reporter thread started
THREAD(18577):[16:28:11.708777] Init settings report 0x7f2a38020fb0
THREAD(18577):[16:28:11.708839] Update connection report 0x7f2a38020fb0
winreq=0 actual=87040
THREAD(18577):[16:28:11.708853] Post report 0x7f2a38020fb0
Client connecting to, TCP port 5001
THREAD(18577):[16:28:11.708895] Init 5000 element packet ring 0x7f2a38023ee0
TCP window size: 85.0 KByte (default)
THREAD(18577):[16:28:11.708961] Init data report 0x7f2a380239a0 size 1336
using packetring 0x7f2a38023ee0
THREAD(18578):[16:28:11.709000] Remove 0x7f2a38020fb0 from reporter job
queue in rs
THREAD(18577):[16:28:11.709013] Init connection report 0x7f2a380239a0
THREAD(18578):[16:28:11.709037] Free 0x7f2a38020fb0 in rs
THREAD(18577):[16:28:11.709053] Update connection report 0x7f2a380239a0
winreq=0 actual=87040
THREAD(18577):[16:28:11.709080] Post report 0x7f2a380239a0
[  3] local port 36276 connected with port 5001
[ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth
[  3]  0.0- 1.0 sec  7.75 MBytes  65.0 Mbits/sec
[  3]  1.0- 2.0 sec  7.75 MBytes  65.0 Mbits/sec
[  3]  2.0- 3.0 sec  6.50 MBytes  54.5 Mbits/sec
[  3]  3.0- 4.0 sec  7.12 MBytes  59.8 Mbits/sec
[  3]  0.0- 4.0 sec  29.1 MBytes  60.5 Mbits/sec
THREAD(18578):[16:28:15.747044] Remove 0x7f2a380239a0 from reporter job
queue in rs
THREAD(18577):[16:28:15.747045] Traffic thread thinks reporter is done with
THREAD(18577):[16:28:15.747098] Client destructor close sock=3
THREAD(18577):[16:28:15.747126] Free packet ring 0x7f2a38023ee0 & condition
variable await consumer 0x7f2a38023ef8
THREAD(18577):[16:28:15.747156] Free report hdr 0x7f2a380239a0 delay
THREAD(18577):[16:28:15.747168] Thread settings free=0x67ac20
THREAD(18578):[16:28:16.000164] Thread settings free=0x67b640


[root at localhost iperf2-code]# src/iperf -s -i 1
THREAD(19735):[16:27:43.620063] Thread settings copy (malloc)
THREAD(19735):[16:27:43.620250] Thread_run_wrapper(0x12dac20 mode=8) thread
counts tot/trfc=1/0
THREAD(19735):[16:27:43.620338] Thread_run_wrapper(0x12daf10 mode=3) thread
counts tot/trfc=2/0
THREAD(19736):[16:27:43.620505] Init settings report 0x7f6c84020930
THREAD(19736):[16:27:43.620552] Update connection report 0x7f6c84020930
winreq=0 actual=87380
THREAD(19736):[16:27:43.620578] Post report 0x7f6c84020930
THREAD(19736):[16:27:43.620619] Thread settings copy (malloc)
THREAD(19736):[16:27:43.620636] Listener thread accepting for TCP (sock=3)
THREAD(19737):[16:27:43.620677] Reporter thread started
Server listening on TCP port 5001
TCP window size: 85.3 KByte (default)
THREAD(19737):[16:27:43.620780] Remove 0x7f6c84020930 from reporter job
queue in rs
THREAD(19737):[16:27:43.620799] Free 0x7f6c84020930 in rs
THREAD(19736):[16:28:11.711590] Thread_run_wrapper(0x7f6c84023410 mode=1)
thread counts tot/trfc=3/1
THREAD(19736):[16:28:11.711658] Thread settings copy (malloc)
THREAD(19739):[16:28:11.711715] Server thread started (sock=4)
THREAD(19736):[16:28:11.711844] Listener thread accepting for TCP (sock=3)
THREAD(19739):[16:28:11.712438] Init 5000 element packet ring 0x7f6c80020f80
THREAD(19739):[16:28:11.712470] Init data report 0x7f6c80020a40 size 1336
using packetring 0x7f6c80020f80
THREAD(19739):[16:28:11.712496] Init connection report 0x7f6c80020a40
THREAD(19739):[16:28:11.712519] Update connection report 0x7f6c80020a40
winreq=0 actual=374400
THREAD(19739):[16:28:11.712535] Post report 0x7f6c80020a40
[  4] local port 5001 connected with port 36276
[ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth
[  4]  0.0- 1.0 sec  6.70 MBytes  56.2 Mbits/sec
[  4]  1.0- 2.0 sec  7.43 MBytes  62.3 Mbits/sec
[  4]  2.0- 3.0 sec  6.91 MBytes  58.0 Mbits/sec
[  4]  3.0- 4.0 sec  6.89 MBytes  57.8 Mbits/sec
[  4]  0.0- 4.2 sec  29.1 MBytes  58.7 Mbits/sec
THREAD(19737):[16:28:15.878976] Remove 0x7f6c80020a40 from reporter job
queue in rs
THREAD(19739):[16:28:16.000140] Traffic thread thinks reporter is done with
THREAD(19739):[16:28:16.000208] Server destructor close sock=4 drop-sock=-1
THREAD(19739):[16:28:16.000387] Free packet ring 0x7f6c80020f80 & condition
variable await consumer 0x7f6c80020f98
THREAD(19739):[16:28:16.000487] Free report hdr 0x7f6c80020a40 delay
THREAD(19739):[16:28:16.000529] Thread settings free=0x7f6c84023410
THREAD(19737):[16:29:07.000175] Thread settings free=0x12daf10

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