[Make-wifi-fast] will starlink have bufferbloat?

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed May 22 05:53:07 EDT 2019

With the first major starlink launch stuck on the pad, and having
never got a straight answer about how starlink was going to manage
satellite handovers and admission control, I came up with an
"annoyer-in-chief" idea to see if we could find out what the plan was.

If everybody here (500+ members of these mailing lists!) could take 2
minutes to compose an interesting tweet or reply to elon musk on the
subject, maybe we'd get somewhere. I just did one (
https://twitter.com/mtaht/status/1131131277413822464 ) but a huge
variety of posts on the theme are possible, other thoughts were things

@elonmusk There seems to be no intelligent life among ISPs down here.
Has #starlink handled the #bufferbloat problem? (
https://blog.tohojo.dk/media/bufferbloat-and-beyond.pdf  )

@elonmusk Keep hoping #bufferbloat will be solved by #starlink - got a
plan? ( https://blog.tohojo.dk/media/bufferbloat-and-beyond.pdf )

do it on replies to anything he says about starlink, keep doin it, and
perhaps, an answer will appear.

Sometimes ya gotta be loud.


Dave Täht
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