[Make-wifi-fast] ipv6 now disabled for lists.bufferbloat.net

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 13:56:42 EST 2019

For no reason that I've been able to discern, for months and months
now, nearly any use of ipv6 as an email transport has ended up getting
the ipv6 address blocked in spamhaus's SBL listing, and thus a lot of
email has been blocked. IPv4, seems ok, but for all I know
whatever's triggering it only triggers when ipv6 is used. So I've
given up on ipv6 and switched it over to ipv4 only.

If anyone has any insight on how to run a dual stack email server
correctly nowadays, please contact me offlist?! If anybody here
actually needs to talk to this server over ipv6, well.....


Dave Täht
CTO, TekLibre, LLC
Tel: 1-831-205-9740

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