[Make-wifi-fast] Fastest way to setup netperf and flent?

Valent Turkovic valent at otvorenamreza.org
Wed Sep 4 05:36:47 EDT 2019

Hi all,
what is the easiest way to get flent and netperf running?

I'm helping one student with his paper which is comparing effect of AQM
protocols, and I suggested that he uses flent and netperf. He contacted me
and said that he had problems with running netperf, I tought that it was
only his lack of linux knowledge and that I'll get him unstuck really fast.

I'm a Fedora user and I tried all Fedora and CentOS rpm packages I found
for netperf and all of them are missing correct compile option and give
this error:
ERROR: Runner TCP upload BE failed check: /usr/bin/netperf does not support
demo mode.

Seams that Fedora packages didn't read instructions for compiling and I'll
contact them and let them know.

So now I'm looking for your experience and to point me in the right
direction. Should I try some version of Ubuntu or Arch?


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