[Make-wifi-fast] Fastest way to setup netperf and flent?

Louie Lu me at louie.lu
Wed Sep 4 06:31:54 EDT 2019

Hi Valent,

You will need to build netperf from source:


   $ ./configure --enable-demo
   $ make
   $ make install

You may need to install devel package first (compiler ...etc)

Then you should get the netperf that enable the demo mode

Best Regards,

Valent Turkovic <valent at otvorenamreza.org> 於 2019年9月4日 週三 下午5:37寫道:

> Hi all,
> what is the easiest way to get flent and netperf running?
> I'm helping one student with his paper which is comparing effect of AQM
> protocols, and I suggested that he uses flent and netperf. He contacted me
> and said that he had problems with running netperf, I tought that it was
> only his lack of linux knowledge and that I'll get him unstuck really fast.
> I'm a Fedora user and I tried all Fedora and CentOS rpm packages I found
> for netperf and all of them are missing correct compile option and give
> this error:
> ERROR: Runner TCP upload BE failed check: /usr/bin/netperf does not
> support demo mode.
> Seams that Fedora packages didn't read instructions for compiling and I'll
> contact them and let them know.
> So now I'm looking for your experience and to point me in the right
> direction. Should I try some version of Ubuntu or Arch?
> Thanks!
> Valent.
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