[Make-wifi-fast] AQL: high latency with multiple stations downloading

Michael Yartys michael.yartys at protonmail.com
Fri Aug 14 12:00:40 EDT 2020

I performed a couple of flent tests yesterday and noticed something strange. The tests were performed as follows: start a 5 minute 12 stream TCP download on my laptop, and about halfway through start a 1 minute iperf3 download on my smartphone. I did this to test what happens when multiple stations simultaneously run downloads. The result was that throughput of the flent test dropped very low and latency climbed way above what it was prior to starting the iperf3 download. The results can be seen in this forum post: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/aql-and-the-ath10k-is-lovely/59002/200?u=huaracheguarache

Does anybody know what the reason for this behaviour is?


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