[Make-wifi-fast] Bufferbloat on Android

Michael Yartys michael.yartys at protonmail.com
Mon Jul 27 06:25:08 EDT 2020

I ran the fast.com test on my Nokia 8.1, and my latency during upload under poor signal conditions (top speed was 12 Mbps) reached over 800 ms, which seem to indicate a lot of buffering in the WiFi stack. I've reached out to HMD/Nokia support to try to make them aware of the bufferbloat issue, but I haven't heard back from them for over two weeks now. Although I pretty much asked for my case to be escalated to a networking specialist straight away, I'll be pretty surprised if it ever makes it to someone that understands the issue and is interested in trying to fix it.

Does anybody know if anyone in the Android world cares about bufferbloat? Has any chipset vendor or handset manufacturer ever reached out to the bufferbloat team?

Also, are there any other tests than fast.com that are better at measuring bufferbloat on Android devices?

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