Bufferbloat on Norwegian train wifi

Michael Yartys michael.yartys at protonmail.com
Sun Jun 21 04:38:18 EDT 2020

I've always noticed that the wireless network on Norwegian Vy trains around Oslo can be close to useless with page load time in excess of 10 seconds and frequent timeouts. That's why I decided to bring along the laptop to run an RRUL BE test, and the results are, as expected, pretty terrible. Mind you, I ran this test while the train was in a tunnel, but I don't think that should matter all that much since there's good 4G service in the tunnel.

I've attached the flent data file. Average ping is around 800 ms at the highest, while ICMP spikes above 1000 ms at the highest. I get well below 1 Mbps of download bandwidth, and the upload bandwidth is considerably higher but quite variable at 3 to 15 Mbps.


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