[Make-wifi-fast] Support for airtime scheduling using ath10k

Miguel Catalan Cid miguel.catalan at i2cat.net
Mon Jun 22 12:22:00 EDT 2020


we are trying to apply different airtime weights to different stations in
order to have some prioritization among connected stations. While this is
working pretty well with ath9k, with ath10k we always obtain a fair
distribution of the airtime (i.e. 50%-50% in the case of two stations),
regardless of the airtime weight specified.

E.g. STA1:
RX: 0 us
TX: 2295610622 us

*Weight: 200*Deficit: VO: 256 us VI: 256 us BE: 34 us BK: 256 us

E.g. STA2:
RX: 0 us
TX: 162597077 us

*Weight: 10*Deficit: VO: 256 us VI: 256 us BE: 9 us BK: 256 us

We are using Compex WLE650V5-18A cards.

So, does ath10k support airtime scheduling? In such a case, do we need
specific Wi-Fi cards?

Thanks a lot!


Miguel Catalán Cid, PhD

Mobile Wireless Internet Group (MWI)
i2CAT Foundation, Barcelona, Spain
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