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> Dave, You are not the only one noticing widespread wifi issues, and I’m
> beginning to think something is amiss in the core 80211 or related code, as
> ever since 18.06 (and up to recently released 19.07.4) I’m observing issues
> with sensitivity to congestion, drastic decreases in throughput at
> distance, and on MT76, very frequent ‘drops’ of network connectivity, yet
> stations remain enrolled and show good signal levels. Sometimes if comes
> back in 10 seconds, other times minutes. And often, a restart is the only
> answer.
> LEDE 17.x had very good Wifi on the Archer C7, then 18.x and 19.x are
> nowhere near as good, especially on 2.4.
> Current 5.x Master looks better on Mt76, but still see some issues.
> A shame, as when the units are operating, and one is reasonably within
> range of 5Ghz, the throughput and low-latencies are quite good.
> Are there any guides on how to gather relevant stats to help document
> these issues so the devs can zero in on the problems?
> Cheers,
> Jonathan

You definitely aren't among the few.  Its been a continuing issue I've been
having as you describe.  It gets mentioned occasionally on the OpenWrt
forums... but never seems to get a critical mass of attention.  I and
others have started threads, that have faded out over time.

Now, it seeming that a general thought is developing that "C7's just arent
good for 2.4ghz"  hiding that they WERE, and now have an issue.

Anyway, even though I'm mostly a lurking layperson..  I have lots of
collected logs over time, and have lots of observational data on this
issue.  Not much in the regular logs, though.  A while back in history it
was more the 5ghz radio dropping,  but in the last several months to a year
its been almot always the 2.4ghz radio, similar to what you are
describing.  I would like very much to know how to find out the necessary
info so that the devs can get a handle on it.
Count me in...
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