[Make-wifi-fast] Fwd: a succession of networkQuality tests

Bob McMahon bob.mcmahon at broadcom.com
Sun Dec 19 20:40:49 EST 2021

FYI, I've added a --bounceback option to iperf 2
<https://iperf2.sourceforge.io/iperf-manpage.html>.  One can use the BB cnt
as analogous for messages per unit time. It by default turns on
TCP_QUICKACK so one can compare the TCP RTT vs the app level bounceback (-i
is recommended for tcpinfo sampling.) There is an option to add a full
duplex TCP stream to the same dest along with the bounceback traffic.  If
you use --trip-times you'll get a histogram (BB8) of the one way delays too
(clocks must be sync'ed and assumed so)

This is designed to be a simple socket level test. Please do feel free to
comment and suggest improvements.

[rjmcmahon at ryzen3950 iperf2-code]$ src/iperf - hidden.com --bounceback -t
10 --trip-times -e --hide-ips
Client connecting to (**hidden**), TCP port 5001 with pid 240864 (1 flows)
Write buffer size:  100 Byte
Bounce-back test (size= 100 Byte) (hold=0 usecs)
TOS set to 0x0 and nodelay (Nagle off)
TCP window size: 85.0 KByte (default)
[  1] local *.*.*.133%enp4s0 port 55634 connected with *.*.*.123 port 5001
(MSS=1448) (bb len/hold=100/0) (trip-times) (sock=3) (irtt/icwnd=14469/14)
(ct=14.52 ms) on 2021-12-19 17:29:23 (PST)
[ ID] Interval        Transfer    Bandwidth         *BB cnt*=avg/min/max/stdev
        Rtry  Cwnd/RTT
[  1] 0.00-10.03 sec   178 KBytes   145 Kbits/sec
ms    0   14K/13160 us
[  1] 0.00-10.03 sec  OWD Delays (ms) Cnt=911  To=5.222/0.383/16.277/1.875
From=5.760/5.500/6.091/0.092 Asymmetry=0.538/-10.678/5.421/1.871
[  1] 0.00-10.03 sec BB8(f)-PDF:
(5.00/95.00/99.7%=99/154/197,Outliers=0,obl/obu=0/0) (0.000 ms/0.0)

[rjmcmahon at ryzen3950 iperf2-code]$ src/iperf -c hidden.com --bounceback -t
10 --trip-times -e --hide-ips -*-bounceback-congest*
[  2] local *.*.*.133 port 55640 connected with *.*.*.123 port 5001
(full-duplex) (trip-times)
[  1] local *.*.*.133%enp4s0 port 55642 connected with *.*.*.123 port 5001
(MSS=1448) (bb len/hold=100/0) (trip-times) (sock=3) (irtt/icwnd=10580/14)
(ct=10.67 ms) on 2021-12-19 17:29:48 (PST)
Client connecting to (**hidden**), TCP port 5001 with pid 240911 (1 flows)
Write buffer size:  100 Byte
Bounce-back test (size= 100 Byte) (hold=0 usecs)
TOS set to 0x0 and nodelay (Nagle off)
TCP window size: 85.0 KByte (default)
[ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth
[  2] 0.00-10.02 sec  7.82 MBytes  6.55 Mbits/sec
[ ID] Interval        Transfer    Bandwidth         BB
cnt=avg/min/max/stdev         Rtry  Cwnd/RTT
[  1] 0.00-10.09 sec  92.2 KBytes  74.9 Kbits/sec
ms    1   14K/42283 us
[  1] 0.00-10.09 sec  OWD Delays (ms) Cnt=472
 To=15.290/1.068/123.623/17.616 From=5.498/4.806/23.336/1.342
[  1] 0.00-10.09 sec BB8(f)-PDF:
(5.00/95.00/99.7%=98/604/1177,Outliers=2,obl/obu=0/0) (0.000 ms/0.0)
[ ID] Interval        Transfer    Bandwidth    Burst Latency
avg/min/max/stdev (cnt/size) inP NetPwr  Reads=Dist
[ *2] 0.00-10.40 sec   149 MBytes   120 Mbits/sec
 243.512/21.708/616.257/106.136 ms (1190/131072) 3.48 MByte 61.58
[SUM] 0.00-10.41 sec   157 MBytes   126 Mbits/sec

CLIENT SPECIFIC OPTIONS*-b*, *--bandwidth* *n*[kmgKMG][,*n*[kmgKMG]] | *n*
[kmgKMG]ppsset target bandwidth to *n* bits/sec (default 1 Mbit/sec)
or *n* packets
per sec. This may be used with TCP or UDP. Optionally, for variable loads,
use format of mean,standard deviation*--bounceback*run a tcp bounceback
test (set size with -l or --len, defaults to 100 bytes)
*--bounceback-congest*request a concurrent full-duplex TCP stream
*--bounceback-hold **n*request the server to insert a delay of n
milliseconds between its read and write (default is no delay)
*--bounceback-period **n*request the client schedule a send every n
milliseconds (w/o option bouncebacks are immediately scheduled. With
command option and no optional value given, the interval will be one
second.)*--bounceback-no-quickack*request the server not set the
TCP_QUICKACK socket option (disabling TCP ACK delays) during a bounceback
test (see NOTES)*--burst-period **n*

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