[Make-wifi-fast] 2.4Ghz hybrid wiring for nest protects

David Lang david at lang.hm
Tue May 18 20:09:29 EDT 2021

passive repeaters (two antennas connected together with no electronics) work 
much better than most people realize.

I would do floor-by-floor antenna pairs, and if each device going off should 
trigger the one on the next floor, I'd consider spacing them out so that you 
don't have one antenna pair feeding a strong signal to the next pair.

If the only purpose of this is to relay the fire alarm signals, use high-gain, 
narrow beamwidth antennas pointed at the alarms, this will do wonders at 
overcoming the general noise on 2.4GHz

I have too much radio experience to be happy trusting anything wireless for 
critical things, but where the alternative is no connectivity, it's better than 

David Lang

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