[Make-wifi-fast] [Rpm] tack - reducing acks on wlans

Michael Welzl michawe at ifi.uio.no
Thu Oct 21 03:18:30 EDT 2021

Hi again,

A clarification about one point here - I had overlooked “close-by”, now I think I understand the attack: this is a host on the same WiFi network, spoofing packets, and sending NACKs (or DupACKs, for TCP, probably) - right?

See below:

>> Yet, the QUIC protocol makes ACKs part of the protected payload. Having the ACKs protected by the frame protection allows ensuring that nobody had meddled with the ACKs - and by this to avoid an entire class of attacks that put a close-by endpoint which NACKs segments.
> Were such attacks a real problem before QUIC was designed?  And besides, aren’t MASQUE proxies visible and authenticated?

So this seems not to be a matching answer for the attack that I now think you have in mind.
Here’s another answer:  this is solved by encryption between the host and the MASQUE proxy. That’s okay, I’m not questioning this part of the design.  What I say is: the MASQUE proxy itself shouldn’t have to relay e2e-encrypted transport headers (which I *believe* it does, but I really still have some catching-up to do).  (and of course I also don’t speak against the e2e encryption of payload!)


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