[Make-wifi-fast] comments on renaming iperf 2 to iperf next generation

Rich Brown richb.hanover at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 16:54:24 EDT 2022

I don't necessarily like or endorse any of these... Just some random neurons firing.

- If you're going to change the (full) name, would you also change the name on the command line?
- If you did, it might be to something like "iperfnext", which is long
- Or perhaps "iperfx" but that's hard to type that final X (my ring finger doesn't get down there as easily)
- "iperfx" is an anagram for "prefix"
- What about "iperfect"? :-)
- "xperf" is easier to type, is short. And there's a program called "Xperf" Dang.
- Maybe there's a way to work "responsiveness" and "performance" into the name "res-perf"? "resperf"

I dunno. 

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