[Make-wifi-fast] cancellation

Jon Pike jonpike54 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 14:09:36 EST 2022

Hmmm...  interesting concept.  Sounds like it could work but depends on,
well, several things.

I assume you have to do all your adjustments during preamble time or part
thereof, as to not lose anything important. I'm only vaguely familiar with
the timing there at the PHY level but that's a pretty short time (the
200us?) and you have to use less of it to leave enough time for the RX
station to sync.

You would have to figure out theres a competing station(s) and somehow
determine its bearing from you (how, repeated virtual "radar scans" of the
virtual antenna?) then calculate and set an antenna array configuration
that throws a null on it/them.

You can have an active adaptive antenna array to create nulls in various
directions.  But, it would be more expensive and complicated and large to
do that well.  To what level of resolution you need to throw deep enough
and narrow enough to be useful nulls, and thereby how complex the active
antenna array,  I dont know.  Nulls arent infinitely deep, maybe -15-30db
or so?  Tighter aiming and deeper nulls need more complex array. There
could be stations at too close of a bearing for a null to cancel
practically,  you're just out of luck in those cases.

Sounds like a good idea that could work, but I wonder abt practicality, and
pricing. I've gone out on a limb pretty far here w my top of head guessing,
but I'd think you probably wont see it in >$100 routers, soon.

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> this looks kind of neat, but rather oversimplified. is it real?
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