[Make-wifi-fast] ipef 2.1.9 release candidate

Bob McMahon bob.mcmahon at broadcom.com
Tue Feb 14 13:58:09 EST 2023

Hi All,

The iperf 2.1.9 release candidate
<https://sourceforge.net/p/iperf2/code/ci/master/tree/> is out. If
possible, please test and report bugs


2.1.9 (as of February 13th, 2023)
o --bounceback officially supported (including Windows) for
repsonsiveness test scenarios
o deprecated --bounceback-congest introduced in 2.1.8 with --working-loads
o --working-loads supports is generalized; works with --bounce-back,
--connect-only & --burst-period
o default TCP_NOTSENT_LOWAT with the --working-loads concurrent traffic
o add support for GMT time formatting via --utc option
o --trip-times will auto set TCP_NOTSENT_LOWAT
o CSV output fixes for reverse
o CSV output regressions fixed per sum outputs using negative transfer ids
o CSV output support with --enhanced
o Fix to isoch wait_tick with Windows
o fix support for --txstart-time with --bounceback
o Add support for summing histograms in histogram sum outputs
o Multiple sum report fixes per threading where needing mutex protections
o Jitter packet IPG calcluations ignore inter frame gaps
o Isoch jitter output to use running value vs sampled value
o Add support for --jitter-histograms
o man page content updates
o output isoch scheduling errors at end of isoch run
o PRIdMAX fix for ARM systems
o better work around in isochronous with Windows per early return of
o fix SO_BINDTODEVICE regression
o fix v6 source port parsing with -B and brackets
o fix malloc error with --hideips
o fixes for rate limited TCP with --trip-times
o add support for TCL_NOTSENT_LOWAT with rate limited TCP
o permit key now supports -P using listen() with a backlog, no longer
single threaded limit
o fixes for zero valued permit-key
o fixes for multiple permit-key regressions
o fix token bucket delay wiht TCP await write
o fix isMulticast test for ipv4 - previous logic indicate true for
240.x.x.x which is not multicast
o fix regression on jitter calc - starts on second transit time
o add cmsg for loop with UDP rx timestamp, cmsg processing best to use
loop w/test
o use stdout and exit(0) for -h and -v (vs stderr and exit(1))
o add python facetime scripts
o Fix single thread compile breakage
o fix windows cross compile
o multiple spelling error fixes in comments and man page


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