[Make-wifi-fast] broadcom´s taf?

Bob McMahon bob.mcmahon at broadcom.com
Mon Jan 1 22:23:11 EST 2024

Most of the technical documents require an established revenue relationship
and aren't public domain. So take anything found on the internet with that
in mind.

I still see lots of iperf 3 is better than iperf 2 despite it not being
accurate. Also, the lack of iperf 2 latency and one way delay conversations
suggest the industry is woefully behind in understanding tests & tooling,
and misinformation still reigns.

Bufferbloat matters but so do so many other things. It's not a panacea that
fixes all aspects of broadband and home networks. A relative missed their
post surgery telehealth appointment because a neighbor's home speaker
advertised an open ssid and their computer connected to it as if it
provided internet access.

Home networking needs a lot of attention by my judgment. Data centers have
spent so much to deliver ads with little concern for actual users'
experience. It's very sad to me this focus and the absence of effort
towards redirecting our time towards better priorities that improve
people's lives.

I asked my son, who is getting a PhD in optics applied to medical
equipment, what he and his peers think of Elon Musk. His answer, "He's just
selling escapism to rich people." My daughter, getting a PhD in linguistics
is saddened by the Musk followers too. She caught on to his grift in an

I find our true gifts as those we support while we are alive. They'll carry
on and fix things we couldn't figure out or ran out of time to complete.


> Broadcom is a chip & SoC provider. You would need to contact system
> integrators to learn more about these class of features. It's similar for
> merchant silicon and switches. That's why companies like Arista are 90% sw
> engineers and have no ASIC teams. The market dynamics have mostly driven
> this per engineering and purchasing cadences.
> Below is some older info from Cisco for some of their EAPs. I can't really
> make any claims about these features one way or another nor about the
> veracity of the information per the link.
> https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/controller/9800/config-guide/b_wl_16_10_cg/air-time-fairness.html
> Bob
> On Mon, Jan 1, 2024, 4:05 PM Dave Taht via Make-wifi-fast <
> make-wifi-fast at lists.bufferbloat.net> wrote:
>> taf
>> Traffic airtime fairness.
>> wl sta_monitor [<add/del> <xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx>]
>> wl taf <MAC> [<scheduler_id> [<priority>]] +-
>> wl taf <scheduler_id> [coeff [<coeff>]|dump|list]
>> wl taf enable [0|1]|order [0|1]|bypass [0|1]|high [<val>]|low
>> [<val>]|force [<val>]|list
>> That is all I have been able to glean about it...
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>> 40 years of net history, a couple songs:
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