[Thumbgps-devel] "Plain Jane" timing GPS is working!

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 08:41:13 PDT 2012

On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 6:36 AM, Eric S. Raymond <esr at thyrsus.com> wrote:

> Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com>:
> > Expect light participation from me here through may 5. I would certainly
> be
> > open here to a discussion of 'now that we have good time, and
> geolocation,
> > what can we effectively measure with it, and with what tools'...
> Good time isn't quite a done deal yet.

Good p2p network tomography software is barely a half baked, half formed
idea as yet.

Fact checking ntp's raw stats filters is another thing worth thinking about.

Pretend we have good time already... then what?

There are some relatively minor
> changes to gpsd and a bit more hardware testing between here and there.
> I'd say two weeks, assuming we don't run into any boojums.  And I won't
> sign off that the job is *really* finished until we can document hard
> bounds
> on the jitter using something like the test rig Patrick Maupin is trying
> to build.

Tell me when a good time to pull is. I would certainly like to try current
the wndr, as what andrew had tested was gpsd 2.X.

> By the way, I've had a third GPS vendor - a U.S. outfit called Parallax
> Systems - get back to me with interest in the Plain Jane timing-GPS mod
> (connect 1PPS to DCD in a stock design using SiRF+PL2303 or functional
> equivalents). Had a long, friendly phone conversation with one of
> their design guys.
Did ublox ever get back to you? Sexy sadie is calling...

> Actually, it still kind of blows my mind that I've been able to
> social-engineer all this with a handful of emails.

and a couple blog posts!

>  Woulda been the
> stuff of cyberpunk novels before the century turned...

The whole maker movement is a barrel of fun! While I didn't
care for much of Stevenson's "Diamond age", the core concept
of a reprap and related is becoming more real by the day.


Hmm... self replicating gps and networking gear... hmmm...

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