Cerowrt RC6 plan

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 22:04:24 EDT 2011

As a core goal of cerowrt is to stay no more than 2 release cycles
behind the kernel mainline, and we're running several weeks behind the
original release date for cerowrt, anyway, updating the kernel past
2.6.39 has been on my mind.

So, thx to the hard work of 'solca', I just got a build of linux 3.0.3
done which thus far appears stable. The only blocker for RC6 that I
have is:


And the problem with ipv6 and TOS irks me. I keep hoping I'm merely
doing something silly, but more eyeballs on:


would be nice.

So... I hope to get RC6, containing the 3.0.3 kernel and fixed
iptables out by saturday, as I am finished with linuxcon and will be
back in isc's lab by friday. Proving that stable as a base platform
will enable RC7 to be mostly fixes and additions to various utilities.

Numerous other small fixes have gone in as well,


but many of the more difficult ones - notably gui-related bugs - seem
likely to be unfixable by 1.0. I do hope we can address some more of
the time and dnssec related bugs by RC7, which is tenatively targetted
for sept 5.


Dave Täht
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